NFA buys off Namasu Wharf for K12m

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FISHERIES and Marine Resources Minister Mao Zeming has confirmed the purchase of the Namasu Wharf at Voco Point, Lae, Morobe by the National Fisheries Authority (NFA).
He told Parliament yesterday that NFA acquired the asset from the National Superannuation Fund (Nasfund) for K12 million.
“Nasfund was placing this asset on the market, and since NFA already owned the facilities on either side of the wharf, it made sense that the Government should purchase the wharf too,” he said.
Zeming was responding to questions from Morobe Governor Kelly Naru, who asked if shipping services would shut down as a result of the purchase.
A newspaper article last week suggested that the Morobe Coastal Shipping Service had been issued an eviction notice because it owed more than K500,000 for the use of the wharf.
Naru said such a closure would affect thousands of Morobeans who relied on the shipping service for transport to Finschaffen, Kabwum, and Siassi islands.
Zeming assured Parliament that the Namasu Wharf would not be closed to Morobe Coastal or any other shipping company that served the people.
“This is a business transaction, and ownership of the wharf has changed hands.
“But shipping services will not be disrupted.

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