NGOs important for govt services


THE private sector and civil society organisations are important partners in the implementation of the Government’s sustainable development goals, an official says.
Department of National Planning and Implementation secretary Hakaua Harry said the important thing was to bring on board the private sector and civil society.
“Without them, we cannot implement this well. They need to be partners and participate in this – to be in the technical working groups or the national steering committee so they contribute in terms of how they want to see us working together to implement the SDGs,” she said.
“We’re starting off with the government departments right now. But we intend to bring in the private sector and civil society because they are also very important partners to us.
“We can work together to ensure that we provide the kind of life, the quality of life for older people in this country.”
She said the national steering committee and the technical working group would provide guidance in terms of making sure “we progress. They provide that oversight”.
“We are given 15 years for the SDGs to at least achieve something so we can report back to the international arena.”
UN Resident Coordinator Roy Trivedy said UN system was working closely with Government.
“It’s all about improving the lives of our people in PNG and across the world. If we don’t get this right, the chances are that we will have a more unstable and insecure world after 2030.”

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