NID project helps govt plans


The national identification (NID) project will contribute to the country’s database and statistics to implement the sustainable development goals and other government plans, Hakaua Harry says.
The National Planning and Monitoring Secretary said while giving an update on NID, said the project was progressing well despite  criticisms from the public.
“The NID system is a very interesting and important data base, it provides an outcome where we look at the kind of population we have,” she said.
“The intension of this system was to register births and deaths; the interesting thing is that it can tell us exactly how many people are in various locations.
“The important thing about this system is that it will tell us exactly what kind of population we have.
“It will contribute to us having to make decisions on how we plan forward, number of people in certain areas and who they are.
“This system has interesting components that is  able to give us very good information to plan to integrate into polices and be able to tell us how we can be able to move the Sustainable Development goals forward.”
NID  offices are being established around the country and people are asked to register themselves.
“The system not only looks at the kind of population but it will give you your identity, like the statement that we keep saying so we know who we are and where our routes are,” Harry said.
“I urge the public to look at the importance of this system because it contributes to the issues of database and its going to help us to push forward our agenda.”
Harry said they would put together a workshop for the media to help them to be knowledgeable while reporting MDG issues.
“We take advantage of the fact that media doesn’t know and we need to have similar kind of workshop so that media personnel better their understanding,” she said.

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