No election bonanza for city vendors


VENDORS at the two biggest markets in Port Moresby have noticed a slump in business during the general election when compared to past elections.
Gerehu Market Vendors Association president Petrus Hoba and Gordon Market Informal Sector Umbrella Association president Sana Dokopa said they normally see a hike in business during the general election. They attribute this to the amount of cash in circulation during this period.
“Normally you will see that mothers would stock up their supplies and bring them to the market and customers would come in huge numbers,” Hoba said.
He said all their stocks would be sold out within two days.
“But as we are noticing this year, stocks and supplies remain the same and are not sold out – even after one week,” Hoba said.
Hoba said because of that, women feared food would go bad quickly so they reduced the prices.
“They usually buy their supplies from Gordon market and resell them at Gerehu,” he said.
Dokopa said vendors at Gordon market were experiencing the same.
“We thought the election period will bring us a lot of money so we encourage our vendors to increase products to sell,” she said.
“But not many customers are buying their food items.
“Usually you will see that people will be in the election fever and they would come into the market with bundles of cash and at the end of the day we could make more than what we use to make during our normal marketing days.”

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