Nukundj happy with outcome of 10th transport meeting


Papua New Guinea has performed well in hosting Apec’s  10th Transport Ministers’ meeting which is part of the preparation for next year’s  summit, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Westly Nukundj says.
Nukundj told a press conference on Saturday that Apec was good for the country as it helped expose the nation to other economies.
“A lot of people criticise us that we are wasting money on such meetings, but I can assure you that this is good for the country. We’re exposing ourselves to the outside world and getting a lot of experience and knowledge and assistance from the economics.
“More important is the staging of the 2018 Apec meeting that we are looking forward to.
“There’s a lot of criticism but this is not a waste because we are having all the economies in such a small country like PNG.
“Why is it that the meeting is held in PNG when it could have been held in Australia or America or somewhere else?
“Some people need to change their mentality of reasoning . . .  such meetings are important for our countries.”
Seventeen of the 21 economies attended the meeting in Port Moresby. They are Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Russia, Brunei, Hong Kong, New Zealand, China, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia,
Canada, the United States and Indonesia.

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