Numu keen to weather storm for his people


NEWLY elected Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu reiterated yesterday that he would be sitting in the middle benches in Parliament.
Numu, pictured, who is also the newly-appointed party leader of the PNG One Nation Party, said that his party was not involved in the formation of the government.
“I’d like to make it clear that PNG One Nation Party did not get involved in the formation of the government,” he said.
“We were still in the counting process when the government was formed so I won’t choose as to which side I will join.
“But as a governor, I will put my people’s interest first because they have given me the mandate.”
He said he appreciated the tremendous support given by Eastern Highlanders.
Numu said the people trusted him and he wanted to maintain that loyalty through his leadership.
Numu said he would take the necessary steps to protect his party’s integrity and the people’s interest through his decisions.
“As a newcomer, I cannot fight corruption at the national level but I will do so at the district and provincial level, starting with the governor’s office,” Numu said.
He said all suspicious provincial government bank accounts would be stopped and audited.
“We will be setting up a sweep team and a commission of enquiry.
“Any conniving bureaucrat or official within the EHP government who deals under the table will go behind bars,” Numu said.

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