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A CLERIC has reminded parents to nurture their children with love, care and support so that they can become good leaders.
Father Paul Kote of Radio Maria told parents during a graduation ceremony at St Anne’s Elementary School in Port Moresby last Friday that the future of the nation depended on today’s children.
“Nurture them with good advice and faith. If the spirit of the person is not cultivated or nurtured properly, then I’m sorry,” he said.
“We’ve been hearing a lot of what is happening to this country. Don’t blame the foreigners. Blame ourselves.
“Are we reading the signs of the times? It depends on what you do, and how you value that God inspires me as a father and a mother that I show all my love and care to these children here.”
He extended his words of encouragement to 10 mothers who graduated alongside the final-year elementary students after completing a sewing course offered by the St Anne’s Charity Sisters.
Fr Paul said learning skills was something lacking in Papua New Guinea.
“We have a lot of people who go to vocational schools and universities, graduate with certificates and degrees, they go back home and sleep with these papers,” he said.
“We see in the city Papua New Guineans roaming around doing nothing. Please open your eyes to see what we can do.
“With the skills that you mothers have now attained, I pray that you share that knowledge with others and help your families. God has given the wisdom and knowledge, are we using it or not? If only we make use of the talents, the gifts that God has given to us we can make a change.”
St Anne’s Elementary graduated 25 students who completed Grade Two.

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