Obura Wonenara voters didn’t vote faily


VOTERS in Obura Wonenara electorate in Eastern Highlands have complained that they did not vote according to their Constitutional rights.
Vote 1 choices were controlled by candidates and the polling officials in such a way that intending candidate from an area blocked votes 1 under threats of abusive words and were told to cast votes 2 and 3 of their choices.
Most voters after casting votes called up their favorable candidates and with tears told them that they were unable to vote 1 for them as most polling booths were under controlled.
This unequal distribution has caused unease to other candidates who scored zeros.
This is corruption and as the place is remote the security force was in effective.
I am also calling on Patilias Gamato, the Electoral Commissioner to direct Eastern Highlands provincial election manager Steven Gore Kaupa to investigate into the matter and do necessary recommendations.

Concerned candidate
Obura Wonenara


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