Official calls for relocation of displaced Siassi people


A GROUP of displaced Sialum people from Tewai-Siassi, Morobe, residing at the State House in Lae should be relocated, an official says.
Lae law and order committee chairman Sam Oyaya said the group of people, including women, children and the elderly, had been living in the governor’s residence for more than a year now.
The group had fled their homes at the Sialum Compound along Boundary Road following an ethnic clash last year which resulted in deaths and properties burnt.
“These people needed to be relocated,” Oyaya said.
“Some have left but many are still there with nowhere to go as they had lost all their belongings when their homes were burnt down,” he said.
“They have been living in the State House for a very long time now. No one has taken notice of their situation and help them.
“I want to work with the new MP and the Governor to have these displaced people relocated.
“After relocating the displaced Sialum people my committee is planning to hold a reconciliation ceremony with our brothers from the Highlands and the Sepiks.”
Oyaya said community policing had worked well in Lae and must be strengthened.

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