Okapa district lacks basic services


THE Okapa district is one for the least developed districts in this country.
Some visitors who went there have described it as going to Okapa is going to hell.
This is a disgrace to some of us due to ignorant, self-centred and greedy people being voted into parliament.
But, the people of Okapa should also accept to deserve the suffering encountered due to lack of basic services.
They have not being wise in voting educated people contesting, instead voted anybody who gives them K2 or lamp flaps overnight before polling.
The current Okapa MP has submitted his five-year plan, but not implemented any of his plans until 2017 election.
There is hardly no road infrastructure, schools and hospitals upgraded or built in the district for the last 20 years.
Can the finance department also confirm in the media if the DSIP funds for Okapa district has been released in the last five years?

Service Victim

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