One more game, one more cup


CONGRATULATIONS to the Queensland Intrust Cup premiership champions. Nearly three million people watched you get through in the last minute.
I still believe you could have beaten the Falcons by a bigger margin.
What happened? Was it the hype of playing at Suncorp? Calm down, it’s only a different playing field where you play the same game.
Too many common errors were made and you were lucky to scrape through.
This cannot be allowed to happen on Sunday.
The nation will be expecting a better and focused clinical game this Sunday with the NSW champions, which means that all you guys in the Hunters team need to come down to ground level in anticipation of a greater mission.
The Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League spent over half a million kina on a non-effective advertisement campaign for its NRL. This time, our hope for an NRL spot hangs on Sunday’s match in Sydney.
Bring that cup home!

Vizekuha Segekuha, Via email

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