O’Neill opens new K2.2m mess

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THE K2.2 million new mess and kitchen at the Kerema General Hospital are important because patients need proper diets to recover quickly, an official says.
The facilities were opened by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on Tuesday.
Hospital chairman of KGH, Christian Vinson said the facilities were a priority for the hospital because patients needed proper diets regularly for fast recovery.
He said they were especially needed for Tuberculosis patients who were normally placed on a strict diet.
The Government funded the mess and kitchen.
The infrastructure was the initiative of Vinson who saw the need for a mess and kitchen for the patients and staff of the hospital.
Vinson said by next year, the aim was to use locally-produced vegetables and fruits in the kitchen.
This is one way to help locals earn an income for their garden produce.
“Kerema is four hours by road so Gulf can replace Mt Hagen which provides vegetables to Port Moresby.  Port Moresby is importing vegetables from Australia. Why not get it from PNG?” Vinson said.

One thought on “O’Neill opens new K2.2m mess

  • Congratulations to the new Board of Kerema General Hospital.
    He has highlighted a very important point which Government must look at Gulf as the Foodbowl of Port Moresby
    Its quicker, faster, and very convenient by road, even transported via third level airlines from the Highlands to Kerema and transported on direct to major shops and supermarkets
    Thank you PM for this historical visit, Indeed a sign of better things to come

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