Ordinary citizens to feel pinch of tax hike


I REALISE that the recent tax increases to be imposed by the Government commencing next year will “kill” the common people of PNG.
The worse is the latest announcement of the taxing of housing rentals.
Accommodation is a big problem in PNG and especially Port Moresby with this tax, there will certainly have a drastic impact on the breadwinners’ budget for food for the family and therefore many will be forced to move and live in settlements.
There will be no pay rise in regard to consumer price index (CPI) so logically speaking the net pay will reduce from the current fortnightly package.
The Government needs to critically review this and stop “over taxing” the very people who have mandated them into legislative seats in Parliament.
On the eve of the 2017 elections, such taxation does not sink well with a lot of middle and low class workers in PNG and it is interpreted as “a collective PNG citizens’ contributions towards repayments of poor financial management, debts redden and no trade surplus from the previous years”.
The people of PNG are innocent and should not suffer for poor management which they have no participation and ideas about.
Parliamentarians who vote for this tax increase should remind themselves about their primary role.
If you are a legislator who was voted by the people then please stand up for the common good.
PNG is a rich country only in natural resources and not money. This is a funny equation because the current situation will lead PNG into a banana republic.
Before this can happen PNG must now look at owning some mine and some well heads for oil and gas.
PNG can enjoy over 75 per cent equity participation and we can truly say we are a rich country when capita per person is increase from the current position. The Government can confidently cut down on taxation of its own citizens.
The increase in taxation will see some impacts on Education, Health and Law and Order as
There will be budget cuts in many essential areas as well so I wish to propose that a thorough research be conducted into the Impacts of this taxation before action.
The impacts seem to be overwhelmingly distasteful and will not go well with many Papua New Guineans.

Academic, Via email

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