Owners told to verify PMV plates with board


PEOPLE who want to operate public motor vehicles (PMVs) in Morobe have to enquire with the provincial land transport board for registration plates before buying vehicles, an official says.
Morobe land transport board and traffic registry chief executive Joshua Mais said people needed to cross-check with his office to verify the availability of serial numbers before buying PMVs.
Mais was responding to a concern raised by Klinki PMV Association chairman Dan Nali and his members who have 21 PMVs using white plates.
Mais said the processing of blue PMV plates was the responsibility of the Transport Department where they kept information on serial numbers allocated to provinces.
Mais said Nali flew to Port Moresby and brought the blue plates and handed them over to Mais on Wednesday.
“But  I will cross-check with  land transport division manager licensing Charles Kemo and secretary Nelson  Lahari regarding the legality of this blue plates,” he said.

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