Oxfam campaign gives hope to women


By Wendy Magea
Oxfam Papua New Guinea, through its gender justice programme, is running a workshop in Port Moresby to develop a ‘Stop violence against Women’ campaign strategy, programme manager Serah Chapau says.
According to Chapau, the workshop will not only enhance understanding of behaviour that lead to violence against women but also create a campaign strategy and identify platforms that can be used to advocate behavioural change.
She explained that the campaign strategy would be developed by their partners who had experience working on gender-based violence issues in Papua New Guinea.
“We invited all our partners who have been doing this work because they can point out the best approaches to take and the challenges to look out for,” she said.
The workshop’s 25 participants represent Oxfam’s partner organisations from around the country like Nana Kundi Crisis Centre, St Anna Crisis Centre, Papua Hahine, Lifeline PNG, Family PNG, Kedu Seif Haus, Madang Council of Women and Highlands Human Rights Defenders Network.
Chapau said the week-long workshop which started on Monday was part of the organisation’s global Enough Campaign and they had three delegates from Oxfam International facilitating the different sessions.

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