Pangu Pati, MPs submit financial returns


PANGU Pati and its 15 Members of Parliament yesterday handed their financial returns to the Registrar of Political Parties.
Deputy party leader William Samb, pictured, said he was happy to announce that Pangu had submitted its financial returns before the deadline which was yesterday.
From two MPs in the last parliament, Pangu had increased its numbers to 15 in the current parliament.
“I want to thank all our MPs for their cooperation in submitting their financial returns on time for Pangu Pati to meet the deadline,” Samb said.
Integrity of political parties and candidates commission’s manager disclosure Ila Pala thanked Pangu Pati and its members.
Pala said it was a requirement under the Organic Law that political parties and MPs must submit their financial returns and he was glad that Pangu Pati together with a few other parties have submitted their returns before the deadline.

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