Pato has done well being an MP, minister


I AM from a different district in Enga, live in another province and visit Enga regularly.
During a recent visit, I noted the outstanding performance of Rimbink Pato who is Member for Wapenamanda and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigrations.
I understand it takes more to be adequately attending to one’s electoral duties while at the same time performing his national duties which is connected with the global community.
Back home, the people of Tsaka have suffered due to the unfriendly road condition but it is now a better drive than most segments of the National Highway from Mt Hagen to Porgera. It is the same story for the people of Lower Lai.
The point here is that the MP is only a first timer and how he has managed to secure all that assistance to make life easier for the people of Tsaka and Lower Lai is truly magical.

The Leaders Judge, Via Email

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