People thank MP for medivac programme


PEOPLE of Karimui Salt-Nomane district in Chimbu have thanked local MP Mogerema Sigo Wei for the medivac programme which is saving lives.
Councillor John Temai said after the MP signed for the medivac service, many lives have been saved.
“People who could have died have got a second chance to live. Karimui Salt-Nomane is the most remote and outback part of Chimbu,” Temai said.
“Lives have been lost because there has been no road access. For the first time sick people are taken to Kundiawa by helicopter where they seek medical attention.”
Other councillors in the electorate have expressed similar sentiments by thanking the MP
Following the agreement for the medivac programme, the MP’s office pays for evacuation of the sick by helicopter to Kundiawa for medical treatment.
Wei said the response team from Kundiawa, upon receiving messages from the rural health officers, call for the helicopter which takes on board a nurse or doctor and flies straight away to the location to pick up the patient.
“One trip is between K10-20,000. We also pay for the medical costs to the hospital,” Wei said.
Wei urged MPs from remote parts to sign up for the medivac service.

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