People told to protect State assets, investors


Hela Deputy Governor Thomas Potape has urged the people to protect government properties and the big investors operating in the province.
He said companies such as ExxonMobil and Oil Search would help Hela with infrastructure development under the tax credit scheme.
Potape, who flew to Port Moresby from Tari on Wednesday, said he was not sure why the landowners dug ditches near the bridges at Tagali (in Tari-Pori) and Nogoli (in Komo-Margarima).
Potape had a meeting with leaders of the two tribal groups.
“Bridges are for us to use. So why dig holes?” he said.
“I have met with both factions involved in the fight.
“We shouldn’t fight each other.
“We must protect companies like Oil Search and ExxonMobil which will help us with projects under their tax credit schemes.
“The project (PNG LNG) is our life.
“Companies pay the Government and the Government will pay us according to the agreement.
“But the Government has to act now, fast-track the clan-vetting process and release funds to the landowners.”
Potape said the province was too big for the 100 police officers on the ground and needed more manpower.

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