More people use Digicel to access facebook


MORE than 90 per cent of the telecommunication market in PNG access facebook through Digicel, according to Digicel managing director mobile Shivan Bhargava.
“We are the leading operator in PNG with 95 per cent market share,” Bhargava said.
He said facebook itself had confirmed that 98 per cent of the traffic in PNG which it received was from a Digicel customer.
“That is the power of the products that we launch,” he said.
“But Bhargava admitted that they had received complaints from customers about the rate prepaid credits were being chewed up quickly.
He said it was mainly to do with data usage in smart phones and the lack of knowledge by mobile users on the internet in regards to data usage.
“In the background, there is a lot of applications that keep running. Therefore there is a lot of credit that is going away unknowingly by the consumer which is actually being sucked by the application in our smart phones,” Bhargava said.
“We understand this pain. We have started a few things to improve ourselves.
“But there is a huge action that we have to take as an organisation to improve education as far is internet is concerned.
“That is one step that we are taking.
“We are attempting to educate data users as to what data actually means and how a smart phone operates.

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