PM focus on rural areas

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PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says his experience as a child growing up in a village helps in shaping Government policies to improve lives in the rural areas.
“My Government is doing what should have been done 40 years ago because successive governments did not have clear policies,” O’Neill told the people at Muli village.
The Ialibu-Pangia MP was accompanied by Mendi-Munihu MP De Kewanu to hand over three vehicles to the health department plus one vehicle to Ialibu police, and to open the Muli Health Center.
He said development was gradual and should not be expected to happen overnight.
“Only God does miracle and he was a human being just like everybody else. As the Prime Minister, I am doing what I can. The management of the different sectors sometimes fail. I want prudent management and accountability,” he said.
He said people who were in the past governments were plotting to destroy the good policies the current Government had.
“But these are just struggles. They will never succeed,” he said.
O’Neill said the road sealing to Gulf had reached the Yalo River. He wanted that to continue and would make funding available.

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