PM slams party critics

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ONE of the largest crowds to attend an election campaign rally on Manus greeted  Prime Minister Peter O’Neill yesterday as he campaigned with Manus Governor Charlie Benjamin and open candidate Job Pomat.
Leading the PNC rally, O’Neill said Manus had great potential through marine resources, particularly in fisheries and tourism.
O’Neill said it was time for candidates who had not demonstrated any policy platforms to reveal if they had any policies.
“Now is the time to talk about your policies, to talk about your vision and reveal if you have anything to offer,” the prime minister said.
“Candidates need to discuss issues of national importance with a clear set of polices and vision for the nation.
“Instead many are stooping so low as to attack the credibility of persons and spread rumours.
“Our country deserves strong policy platforms from those aspiring to form the government, not hollow statements and foolish claims. The candidates who are now part of one-and-two-man parties have to start being realistic.
“You have Sir Mekere Morauta saying he will be PM, and so is Don Polye, Sam Basil, and others, but one-and-two is a long way from 56.”
O’Neill said he had no intention of debating any aspiring prime minister if they could not demonstrate that they had the support of enough Opposition members.

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