PNG market should not be taken for granted


Allow me space in your column to warn Australia that it will face difficulties with PNG in areas of business, trade and investment if it continues to reject importation of PNG’s agricultural produce since independence.
I am predicting that it will come a time in the next 5-10 years when PNG will reject Australia from feeding us all farm its produce for the past 40 years.
PNG will shortly ban importation of rice, milk, chicken, beef and horticultural produce when it produces those substitutes in commercial quantities.
The PNG market should not be taken for granted.
If Australians fail to invest they have to take their produce elsewhere.
If PNG is the biggest bio security to Australia, why is PNG is still patronising imports from Australia?
This is the biggest insult to our farmers making 80 per cent of our population if PNG continues to harbour Australian interest.
A new government elected in August should correct all those nonsense once and for all.

Galax Spencer, Via email NCD

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