PNG needs another uni to cater for students


PEOPLE who do not support the proposed Western Pacific University to be built in Pangia, Southern Highlands, do not understand education and building of human resource.
In fact, Papua New Guinea needs more universities. We don’t have enough universities to cater for the amount of students coming from Grade 12.
Look at the number of universities in these countries:

  • 5300 colleges and universities in the United States;
  • 2236 universities and colleges in China;
  • 411 universities in Indonesia;
  • 224 universities in the Philippines in which 35 are in the city of Manila;
  • 154 universities in the United Kingdom;
  • 86 national universities, 95 public universities and 597 private universities in Japan;
  • 47 universities in England;
  • 47 central universities and 353 state universities in India;
  • 41 universities in Australia;
  • 5 universities in Fiji; and,
  • 5 universities in PNG.

The size of Fiji is like East and West New Britain joined together yet they have 5 universities while our neighbour Indonesia has 411 universities.
The number of illiterate people in PNG outnumbers the educated.
We must to create enough room for our children through education.
Some of you are good at criticizing and won’t see real development in the years to come.

Solomon Taropo
Mendi, SHP

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