PNG struggling? Get outta here


I would like to respond to Sir Julius Chan’s comment ‘PNG still struggling’ (The National Sept 15).
On the eve of celebrating our 42nd Independence anniversary, I was shocked by Sir Julius’ message to a country which portrays him as one of the founding fathers, a former prime minister and a serving politician for almost his entire life and at a very critical time when we are struggling with social, economic and financial nightmares.
Sir J and his other MPs were given the mandate to make decisions and protect this country from people who rip us off. Yet he has not done anything, and now for him to come up with such gibberish is totally unacceptable, lacks credibility and wisdom from someone who should be a senior statesman.
He is supposed to be wiser and say things which can give us hope rather than bring us to despair.
What he should do is apologise to the eight million-plus people of Papua New Guinea.
He must also revisit all our trade agreements and redo them; for example, like 80 per cent of the money goes to the landowners, 10 per cent to the government and 10 per cent to the developers.
Please, Sir J, you still have that power to do something before you bow out.
Leave us a legacy that you can be proud of.
Otherwise, no more hot air.

Tumba Biinem,
Port Moresby

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