Police look for serial killer


POLICE in Popondetta are looking for a man to be questioned over a number of killings in Northern in recent months.
Provincial police commander Chief Inspector Lincoln Gerari told The National that they believed the suspect was walking around disguised as a woman and wearing tights and a wig.
“I have been on radio Northern to warn the public of the man who is often seen hiding in dark places,” he said. “People in the old golf course settlement and surrounding areas have been warned of this man.”
Gerari said the man was nick-named Joe Murderer and could have been involved in the killing of a man in Irigi last week.
Gerari said the man had returned from prison after serving terms for various offences.
“People of Oro are warned to be careful when going out at night. We are putting up notices in villages and settlements,” Gerari said.
Meanwhile, police are investigating the death of a boy at Isuga village last week. It is believed to be a hit-and-run incident.
Gerari said the boy was returning home after watching video in a nearby residence when he was run over by vehicle.

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