Police revive exercise programme to maintain health, fitness


The Waigani Police Station in Port Moresby has revived an exercise programme aimed at enhancing the performance and health of policemen and women in the city.
“This initiative used to be a weekly programe for the police but for a long time now it has died off,” the station’s fitness coordinator, Sergeant Andrew Munana, said.
Munana said the force have been losing a lot of good men and women due to health issues, and also their performance has also declined over the years, so the programme was aimed at addressing these serious issues.
“We started three weeks ago and we are trying to make it a weekly thing for the station throughout the year and also the following year and onwards.
“Every day we are dealing with different kinds of people so we must be active at all times.”
Munana also urged other police stations around the country to revive this programme.
Munana also thanked Eda Security Solutions for donating T-shirts to the station and also for the support to assist the station’s weekly fitness programme.
Managing director of Eda Security Solutions Benjamin Ekip said that they were happy to support the Waigani police and would continue to do so in the future.
“Our main concern is that we want to work closely with the police because we contribute towards maintaining peace and harmony in the society.”
Ekip said that law and order issues have been on the rise in the city and they were committed to working closely with the police.
“Eda Security Solutions is ready to assist and also to support the police, this is just the beginning.”

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