Police: Sexual offences up in Manus, children violated


POLICE in Manus say statistics indicate an increase in sexual offences in the province.
Provincial police commander Chief Inspector David Yapu said yesterday that statistics from 2014 to July 2017 showed that 142 cases were reported to police.
For sexual penetration/rape, there were 107 reported cases, 47 arrests were made and cleared and 35 remained pending.
There were seven reported incest cases, five arrested and cleared and two pending. Sexual touching saw 28 reported cases, 18 arrests and six pending.
Yapu was concerned with an increase of sexual offences against young children within tightly-knitted family units.
Yapu said it was immoral and against Christian principles,  especially where biological fathers committed incest.
“These people are sick in the mind, with no respect for their own blood and family units,” he said.
Yapu said another contributing factor was the number of refugees on the shores of Manus who sexually abused young girls by luring them with money.
Police plan to work closely with the community development office, local level government (LLG) presidents and ward councillors to conduct awareness to address the issue.
Yapu said it was unfortunate police had limited manpower but would try their best to team up and conduct awareness in the 12 LLGs and 131 wards.

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