Political parties must reconcile before voting


WE need to blame ourselves as one people, one nation, and one country.
Our country is in an uncertainty situation, we all stopped thinking long term, and started thinking short term.
If you and I are affected and hurt for the last five years than 2017 election means to us that our own attitudes in casting our votes can make a big difference in our beautiful country.
Our objective became to fleece to all of us in our own country and fill our pockets today, and when our pockets are full today, we have put our country in doubts for tomorrow.
I appeal to all the political parties especially in the government and the opposition should evaluate your selves and reconcile to together and make peace before the entire country cast its votes.
Our country needs peace, ending of conflict or renewing of a friendly relationship between current political leaders and new candidates, by way of peace the nature will take its own cause to form the next government.

Alovo Wamala

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