Polye criticises reports reaching EC


OPPOSITION Leader Don Polye has criticised reports reaching the electoral commission headquarters about the situation in Kandep, saying they are biased and misleading.
“Most of the reports that come to the electoral commissioner from officials particularly from the Kandep electorate are not neutral,” he said.
“Almost all situational reports from Enga especially from the returning officer to the electoral commissioner on Kandep are biased, vindictive and misleading.”
He said Kandep was a small electorate with only 73 polling stations and should have completed counting already.
He said about eight ballot boxes from his “stronghold” were yet to be counted.
“These ballot boxes are from my own villages,” he said.
Polye said the remaining boxes were declared “disputed” by the returning officer.
“The electoral commission had given directives to count all the boxes but the returning officer is not listening to the directives from the electoral commissioner,” Polye said.
He said he had discussed the matter with Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.

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