Port Moresby charity gives Robert his second chance


By Moya Iowa
Nine-year-old Oseah Robert counts himself fortunate to be living with people who care for and love him as if he was their own.
Oseah has gone through very hard and difficult times and says he is safe, healthy and attending school because of the good heart of Collin Pake and his wife who have taken him into their home and look after him and his sister Anna-Lee.
Pake and his wife run the Life PNG Care centre for orphans and street kids in Port Moresby.
According to Oseah, he was taken to Life PNG Care (LPC) along with his sister when he was seven years old by their mother after their father tried to sell them. Oseah said he was very thankful that Pake opened his home and heart to them both.
Oseah is among the 50 vulnerable children that Pake looks after through the charity organisationĀ  which is a volunteer group that stands to give vulnerable children such as orphans and children living on the streets an equal opportunity in life through education.
Pake said that he chose to look after and feed vulnerable children like Oseah because they were neglected and defenceless.
TheĀ  children have the potential to be better young people and becomeĀ  leaders, he said.
The charity has so far enrolled 200 children in various schools throughout Port Moresby.
It wants to continue to help the neglected children of Port Moresby for as long as possible so that children such as Oseah can be given an equal chance at a better life.

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