Prepare students for school, parents told


PARENTS should be ashamed of themselves if they do not buy shoes, schoolbags or books for their children attending schools, says Jiwaka Governor Dr William Tongamp.
He said that every parent had the responsibility to play a part in their children’s education.
“As parents, you have a duty to provide your children with lunch, bus fare, school bags, uniforms, shoes, books, pens, pencils, correction fluid and other little things they need in the classroom,” he said.
Tongamp spoke during National Literacy Week celebrations last Wednesday at the Jiwaka Adult Literacy School at Gunn village in  North Waghi.
He told parents that they should make sure that whatever little thing their children  needed to go to school, should be provided and made readily available.
He those living in villages should provide lanterns or lamps or other forms of lighting for their children to study.
“If you are not doing this and sending your children to school barefoot, no school bags or books, then you must be ashamed of yourself as a parent,” Tongamp said.
He said when children were happy, they would perform well.
“We are now living in a changing world where education becomes like a key to everything, including better living, developments, business, travel, communication and day to day activities,” he said.
Parents must not expect teachers in the classrooms to perform miracles to receive quality education, Tongamp said.

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