PRL Women’s final ends in 6-6 stalemate


EVEN extra time and an opportunity to pot the match-winning point did not produce a result as the Port Moresby rugby league women’s grand final on Saturday between Paga Panthers and Souths finished a 6-6 draw.
The PRL board could not declare a winner under its competition rules and instead split the cash prize between the finalists.
After competitive final a draw was a fair result.
The women’s grand final was also not allowed more time as the men’s final between Royals and Hawks would have been affected.
The PRL board decided to split the women’s cash prize between  the Panthers and Souths but is yet to make a decision on who will be awarded the 2017 premiership.
Both sides put up their best performance but Paga appeared to be the better team on the day.
Paga fullback Roswita Jack had three chances to pass to support for tries but failed to do so.
Souths had their chance in 55th minute with a penalty but Maggie Wai missed with her kick.
Paga captain Janet Michael dropped the ball over the line in extra time making it a frsutrating afternoon for both teams.

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