Project a boost for agriculture, farmers


I would like to thank Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas for focusing his attention now on the primary industry sector, especially on agriculture for quality and quantity food production in the province.
With this intelligent political intervention, he initiated the Surinki Innovative Agricultural Centre in partnership with the Integrated Agro Industry of Israel.
To enhance and boost local participation in the industry for its continual operations, he has sent 12 young Engans under his government’s sponsorship to train and learn in Israel.
The initiative to send Engan children overseas for basic and further training in relevant industries in which jobs are already waiting for them is absolutely innovative and smart ideology.
The return of the trained agriculturalists will definitely add required human resources to take the agriculture sector further.
Sir Peter had led a group of some prominent citizens to the launching of the Yapai potato project in Laiagam, which was really a huge boot is morale for the locals from that area.
I am from the Western side of Enga and would like to greatly appreciate the enormous contributions from our governor towards building Enga in all fronts to be one of the model provinces in the country.
The concept to revive agriculture in Enga is a step in the right direction towards eradicating poverty and starvation.
Sir Peter, we know you are an agriculturalist by profession and hope your guidance in this sector will not only increase food supplies but also boost the morale of your people to take agriculture seriously.
This will eventually eradicate all sorts of illegal activities happening in the province and pave the
way for prosperity through hard work.

Yalo Hexton Kapili,
Maip-Mulitaka LLG

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