Promises made to teachers


As the student population increases with better access to learning, the Government will ensure that there are enough quality teachers to meet the students’ needs, Education Minister Nick Kuman says.
That meant offering high-quality training to more students in teachers’ colleges and offering existing teachers professional development and get the chance to upgrade their knowledge and skills, Kuman said.
Speaking on World Teachers’ Day in Port Moresby yesterday, Kuman said: “I pay tribute to all our teachers who have passed on and those who are currently serving throughout Papua New Guinea.”
World Teachers Day, held annually on Oct 5 since 1994, commemorates teachers’ organisations worldwide.
It aims to mobilise support for teachers and to ensure that the needs of future generations continue to be met by teachers.
According to United Nations children’s fund Unesco, the day represents significant awareness, understanding and appreciation for the vital contribution that teachers make in education and development.
“Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers” is the theme of this year’s World Teachers Day.
“The empowerment of teachers emerged as a priority when the United Nations adopted the 2030 sustainable development goal for education,” a Unesco statement said.
“It requires teachers to enjoy professional independence, freedom and the tools needed to deliver quality education, which must take into account learners’ circumstances, needs and expectations.
“The O’Neill-Abel Government puts education as its number one priority.
“Under the Alotau Accord II, the Government has prioritised quality training for teachers.
“The other priorities include building more classrooms, focusing on quality education through curriculum reviews and development, the provision of subsidies or loan schemes through an education endowment     fund to support tertiary and university education, and completion of the transition from outcome-based education to standard-based education.
“Teachers are an extremely important asset for any society as they are the ones who educate the youth who, in turn, become the leaders of the next generation of people and play an important role in developing their country as a good citizen of any nation, including Papua New Guinea.”
Kuman paid tribute to teachers in the country, saying “our country has come this far because of the many sacrifices made by our teachers and the love they have for teaching”.

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