Public servants told to stop hiring vehicles or sleeping in hotels

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PUBLIC servants serving in the Usino-Bundi district in Madang have been told to stop hiring vehicles or sleeping in hotels.
Usino-Bundi MP Jimmy Uguro, pictured, told public servants and the people at Walium station that unnecessary spending of public funds must stop.
“My message to public servants is that we will not sleep in hotels and use hire vehicles at the expense of the taxpayers. We must deliver goods and services and allow our people to change,” he said.
Uguro assured them of his support and expected the same from them.
“Usino-Bundi is a least developed district and we have a big task ahead of us,” Uguro said.
Ugoro urged the people to change their attitude and allow positive changes in their lives which the government can complement with development.
“People think that the government will change them overnight.  That’s not true. We must learn to change ourselves with available resources and positive changes brought by the government,” Uguro said.
Uguro thanked the former MPs and public servants for their service.
“I am enemy to none. My five years development plan will be launched in October and we all must work together to address a lot of issues that will be captured in the development plan,” he said.
“As a former public servant in Madang and former district administrator for Usino-Bundi, I am aware of all the issues and I will ensure those issues are addressed for the benefit of the people.”

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