Public service too big: Lapari


Department of Health staff have been told by Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari that the public service was too big and over-administered.
He told them during a meeting last Friday that today’s public service “is a big monster, overweight and over-administered”.
“No wonder we are not performing effectively and not able to deliver services to our people,” he said.
“There are too many little empires, too many kings and queens, we are forever trying to build our little empires and power bases.
“We all want to do our own things.
“That’s why we are not able to get things done.
“That’s why many good policies designed and put in place by government are not effectively implemented.”
Lupari called for a stop to this.
“We must tear down these little empires and build one empire – an empire that belongs to our people, the empire that will work for our people,” he said.
“The Government under the leadership of Prime Minister O’Neill has recognised and directed that the public service must be rationalised and restructured so that we save costs as well become mobile and effective.
“Some aspect of the health sector will come under this rationalisation exercise.
“This exercise will commence next year and we must work together to make sure this outcome is achieved.
“It’s for our own good and good of the country.”

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