Put your people’s interest first: Sir Michael


Outgoing East Sepik Governor Sir Michael Somare has urged winning independent candidates to put their people and electorates first when deciding which party or side to join to form the next government.
“Your people have spoken and have entrusted you to represent their interests in the next five years to 2022. This could be a long period of suffering for your people if you decide from your first days in parliament to turn your back on them and choose to satisfy your own self-interest,” Sir Michael said.
“Or you could choose to be true to your people and follow the long road that will bring real changes, both in legislation and developments. Our country is not in a good state and needs good leadership that can restore our state institutions. Take hard decisions to stop the borrowing; focus on empowering all our provinces so they can in turn increase their contributions to the national purse.
“I appeal to newly-elected leaders to stop the state of decline that is taking place by standing with strong, ethical leaders in the next parliament that truly have the interest of this country at heart. But we cannot afford to lament, we have to look forward and it is up to you to choose wisely in the formation of a new government.
“Finally, I take this opportunity to congratulate all newly elected and independent candidates. The responsibility is upon you to restore confidence in our system of government; return investor confidence and take PNG back.”

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