Rape of young girls prevalent, says Bidar


RAPE of young girls is becoming “very prevalent these days”, says Waigani Committal Court magistrate Cosmas Bidar
“Something is seriously wrong with society if such cases are appearing in court from Monday to Friday,” he said.
He made the comments after reading rape charges to two men and a teenager, who appeared from custody for allegedly raping an under-aged girl.
Lua Von, Douglas Mai and an 18-year-old youth – all from Abau district of Central – were alleged to have raped a 17-year-old girl on Sept 24, at Gerehu Stage One in Port Moresby.
Bidar told the court that the matter was new in court and  police would investigate and collect evidence to prove the allegations.
It is alleged that on Sept 24, the 18-year-old allegedly pulled the victim off the street and into a yard and locked the gate.
He then allegedly raped her. After that Von and Mai who were in the yard, allegedly raped the victim as well. Police said the victim lived in the same area as the  suspects.
The court granted a K500 bail to Von, Mai and the teen with two conditions – that were not to interfere with police witnesses, especially the victim, and they were to appear in court on appointed dates.
The matter will return to court on Nov 8.

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