Registry to monitor polls


The Registry of Political Parties will be closely monitoring the national election which begin next month, says Registrar Dr Alphonse Gelu.
He told The National yesterday that the registry was now putting together its observation teams.
“Our observation teams will focus on the performance of political parties, how party-endorsed and independent candidates go against each other, and woman candidates,” Gelu said.
“We’ve written a formal letter to the Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission informing them that we will also be taking part in the observation.
“In fact, we’re just waiting for him (commissioner) to give us a formal reply, so that wherever we go throughout the country people will see us as observers.”
Gelu acknowledged the Government for providing funding for the registry to send out its observer teams.
“We started the observation of elections in 2012,” Gelu said.
“We did a report which was quite clear on how political parties performed.
“What our researchers were specifically looking for while out FOR there on the field.
“This time, we’ll try to do the same thing, but try to do a little bit more because the number of electorates has increased.”
Gelu said the registry would also be looking closely at the policies of parties during the election.
“During the campaign period, which is after the issue of writs, that’s when candidates and political parties will be moving around.” We’ll be making contact with political parties to find out where there leaders are going, and we’ll try and track them, so that wherever they are doing their campaign we will be there to listen to what they will say.”
Gelu said there was big room for improvement in the way in which campaigning was done in our country Papua New Guinea.

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