Remove roadblock, MP says


AN urgent call has been made by Nipa-Kutubu MP Jeffery Komal and Hela provincial police commander Supt Michael Welly to free a roadblock at Nipa in Southern Highlands.
That section of the Highlands Highway has been used to harass travellers to Hela. Last week, women and girls were abused and goods stolen.
A police vehicle was stopped, the driver forced to leave and two firearms were taken at  the weekend.
Komal said people from Poroma, Pletau and Nipa local level government areas must respect the national highway and not disturb the travelling public.
“I have no enemies with the people of Hela and my people must stop this barbaric act of becoming heroes along the national highway,” he said.
“I am saddened to learn that two firearms belonging to the state were confiscated and policemen harassed which is a sign of no-care attitude and it must stop. The firearms must be returned immediately.
“The law will catch you one day, you will not escape, we must show respect to one another.”
Komal said no one was above the law and those leaders who were forcing youths to go on rampage, destroying government and innocent people’s properties, burning down people’s home and setting up roadblocks would face the full force of the law.
He urged police from Southern Highlands to look into the situation to clear the barricade that had caused much confusion and tension between the people of Nipa-Kutubu and Hela.
Welly said the terrorising of innocent Hela people at Nipa must stop and the roadblock must be cleared immediately.
“If the roadblock is election-related, then leave my Hela people alone, they have nothing to do with your grievances,” he said.
“What have they (Hela people) done to you (Nipa people) and you have retaliated by setting up roadblock and harassing innocent people and government officers?
“Today is the last day. I have sent policemen to negotiate for the release of the two confiscated firearms and all community leaders from Nipa-Kutubu must work together to make sure the two firearms are returned,” he said.

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