Report wrong, MP needs to check his facts


Please allow me to respond to a statement in an article by Pisai Gumar titled Heavy Rain Delays Road Work in Huon Gulf (The National, Oct 6).
A statement made by Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour saying “…the incomplete classrooms since 2011 under former MP Sasa Zibe…” is incorrect.
Actually, Zibe had nothing to do with the construction of the Homiya Primary School double classroom building that now stands incomplete.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill funded the building project. A cheque for K200,000 was handed to the school board chairman and headmaster in July 2012.
It was all up to the school board of management and administration to deal with construction of this classroom.
The people of Dzia, Mawae, Yekora, Suena, Aire and Bong in Morobe LLG are already getting fed up with this type of publicity about fantasy projects in the LLG.
MP, you are quite amazing when it comes to presenting the fantasy road project in the  media.
The situation about this road project is different.
The current work on the ground for this project is quite haphazard. Despite so much money having being spent, the quality of work output is quite appalling. I live in my village and travel often to and from Lae.
The historical fact about the Morobe Gobe road is that Utula Samana initiated the road while the Premier of Morobe, Tukape Masani, continued.
The walk from Toyale Primary School and Giu River Bridge crossing is usually through very thick vegetation now covering this road.
Soon, after the patrol grading and grubbing works, you sponsored this road section in 2015 and it has only reverted to thick re-growths, making it quite impassable for mothers to access Toyale School fresh food market and Zaka Health Centre.
Day students of Morobe Technical High from Zare, Aingse, Saigara, Dona and Sapa villages, and the Toyale Primary School children from Dona village all get drenched toe every morning from dew on the vegetation while walking to school.
Landslips have blocked the road portion between the Zaka Health Centre and Saima Village because of poor workmanship.
On the same note, the Sapa Bridge crossing according to qualified local engineers from Morobe LLG, is simply a piece of poor engineering design and a very poor construction workmanship.
The road section between Eware and Sapa villages is fast reverting  into thick bush while a Huon District owned excavator lies broken down and of no use at Tumo Point.
MP,  the real issue facing the people of Morobe LLG, especially those like me, is for a good, comfortable ship to travel to Lae and back.
Small boats are becoming unsafe because of sea piracy and high costs.
It is quite frustrating to see the mv Morobe Rainforest berthed at the Morobe Coastal Shipping wharf at Voco Point since its launching four month ago. When is going to start operating?
Now, there is rumour now doing rounds at Voco Point that Morobe Coastal Shipping had no other choice but to spend its own money to maintain and prepare run this ship since  the Tewai-Siassi DDA has taken away Lady Zeming to run it themselves.

Edward Bauriawa
Morobe Patrol Post

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