Representatives attend coffee roasting training


FIVE representatives of the PNG coffee industry recently attended training on coffee roasting in Brisbane, Australia.
The Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) said they picked from the Banz Kofi Fektori, Duffys café, Sirigine coffee producers, Colbran coffee lands and the corporation.
The training was conducted at the Wolff College of Coffee by the owner Peter Wolff who has been in the coffee industry for more than 30 years.
The PNG coffee industry hopes the training can improve roasting and cupping.
Coffee Industry Corporation general manager for industry operations Steven Tumae said the training was important for local roasters to meet the demands in the ever increasing interest in specialty coffees and the roast segment of the diverse coffee market.
“Roasting is a very delicate process,” Tumae said.
“Therefore, we anticipate that the training will equip our roasters to bring out Papua New Guinea’s unique and intrinsic cup qualities, and are further exposed for both the domestic and international consumers to enjoy.
Participant Samuel Rafanna said:
“The training was a great opportunity to grasp new ideas to apply to what is currently being done.
“I have been roasting coffee from experience only but the training has opened new doors for me to explore and take in to enhance the way I do roasting for our company.
“The challenge for new and existing roasters interested in entering this specialty market, is to understand the difference in their coffee, such as the specific characteristics and flavours, and how to develop and maintain these through correct roasting methods.”

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