Respect PM’s office, says Sir Peter


Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas says every  Papua New Guinean has the responsibility of protecting the Prime Minister’s Office instead of “rubbishing it”.
Sir Peter made the remarks when presenting uniforms to students at Enga College of Nursing last Wednesday.
He said it would be senseless to demean the office with sarcastic comments because someone was not happy with a trivial issue.
“If someone is not happy with something, it does not give him or her the right to demean the office,” Sir Peter said. “That is the top executive office of the country that we all should protect at all costs, with pride. Only irresponsible people choose to write on Facebook to spoil the image of our nation.”
Sir Peter said in relation to critics’ misleading statements on the general administration of the country, the Government was on target to deliver earmarked impact projects and services to the people before the end of the fiscal year. He said cash-flow problem that everyone was talking about was a global economic issue caused by the downfall in commodity prices. Sir Peter said it was affecting the global community and not only PNG.
“One must know that such problems are bound to be experienced in a prospering (growing) economy like PNG. What we all should  appreciate are the miraculous achievements of impact projects and attention-grabbing service delivery by this Government.”

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