Roadblocks don’t help anyone


THE delivery of government infrastructural services needs roads but the roadblocks along the Highlands’ Highway definitely put end-users and providers at a disadvantage.
Although the roadblocks were associated with the death of human beings, it should be addressed in a manner that was appropriate and dealt with through the proper agencies following the proper protocols.
The death of a police officer did not give the relatives the right to control the use of public roads and highways which should remain open for the distribution of goods and services.
We are not in the ’60s and ’70s. Police are there to investigate any alleged wrongdoing and we have to allow them to do their job so the process of law can be allowed to take its course.
Taking the law into one’s hands will make matters worse, not better. I went home for the general election and because the flights from Mt Hagen to Port Moresby were fully booked I decided to travel via Goroka.
Not surprisingly, I was held up at Chimbu because of the death of a police officer at Wabag.
You know what happened? They forced me to speak my vernacular to find out if I was from Enga.
But not all Engans are Kandepians.
Enga comprises of five districts and Kandep is one of them.
Even then, not all Engans are benefiting from the incumbent MP; they have their own elected members.  As Papua New Guineans we are not uncivilised.
When faced with problems like this we should address them amicably and not take the law into our own hands.
But because a small group of people didn’t think like this, the whole country suffered.

Jeffsatu, Lypin Lokait
Lokait Limited

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