Roche urges people to be proud of development

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Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Solomon Islands and PNG general secretary Fr Victor Roche said Papua New Guineans should be proud of developments in the country.
“As we are celebrating the 41st independence anniversary of Papua New Guinea, we must be proud of our culture as well as the developments,” Roche said.
He said the country had gone further a bit more than other Pacific countries.
Roche said PNG was called big brother by other Pacific countries because it hosted the Pacific Games last year.
He said the country will also host the Fifa under-20 women’s World Cup this year and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in 2018 besides other developments.
“We are doing really well,” Roche said.
“We should be proud, and congratulate our leaders and politicians of the country.”
He said there were more schools, teachers, nurses and people working in the private sector than before.
“Human resource is more important than gold, coffee or any other natural resources that we have,” Roche said.
He, however, said he was not really sure whether people in rural areas were happy.
“I don’t think they are happy as much as the people in the cities who are enjoying the developments and infrastructure.” Roche said.
He said leaders should also focus on the rural areas.
“Everyone must not think about what the country can do for them but what they can do for our country,” Roche said.

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