Rosso plans to install GPS in govt vehicles


ALL government vehicles in Lae district will have the Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking devices installed on them to monitor their movements, Lae MP John Rosso says.
Rosso, a businessman, told members of the Lae business community at a breakfast yesterday that the GPS tracking devices on government vehicles should prevent misuse.
This includes vehicles used by the city council, district administration and police.
Rosso plans to allocate police K1 million from the district services improvement programme funds.
“I have told Wagambie that I will give K1 million each year to help fix police problems,” Rosso said.
“I am trying to get Wagambie new cars to equip him in the near future. He has done a tremendous job.
“The sector response unit responses in the last six months was just 10 minutes. In the old days, it used to be four hours to a day for them to respond. Now is different – good job. We’ll not only buy the vehicles but also install GPS in them.
“We’ll set up a monitoring centre so that he will know exactly where all his vehicles are 24 hours and seven days. We will also install GPS tracking system in all city council and all Lae district administration vehicles.”

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