S.Korea working on visa-waiver agreement


South Korea is working on a visa waiver agreement for PNG government officials to strengthen bilateral ties and enable more Papua New Guineans to visit Korea, an official says.
Korean ambassador to PNG Kwak Bum-soo said PNG and Korea had many things in common that both countries could harness for stronger bilateral relationship.
“South Korea and PNG have similar customs of hospitality towards visitors, respect for seniority rule is well observed in both countries,” he said.
“It’s very important to think about those factors because our countries will serve on basis, develop our bilateral.”
Bum-soo said both countries had passion for education and most parents wanted their children to receive the best education and excel in life.
He said Korean culture, food, music, drama and fashion were relatively new to PNG and more awareness was needed to encourage Papua New Guineans to enjoy Korean culture.
“Hallyu and K-pop have gained sensational popularity in Southeast Asia and Australia because of creativity based on substance rather than formality,” Bum-soo said
“Most Korean dramas are educational, it embraces human nature and it’s about family faithfulness, country patroness – constructive, precise and emotional.”
Bum-soo said so far, many young people had shown interest in the annual taekwondo competition, photo exhibition and the Korean drama broadcasted on EMTV.
He said they were planning on launching a Korean food demonstration and a Hallyu club for members to meet, discuss and share what they liked about Korea.
“We look forward for a deeper understanding, cooperating in academic institutions to promote the Korean language,” Bum-soo said.
“We celebrated 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations with PNG, it’s really important to strengthen the relationship and keep the momentum.”

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