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THE board chairman of Karaweri High School in Chuave, Chimbu, Ben Gunua, yesterday refuted a newspaper report that the school had not received K200,000 under the Secondary School Quality Improvement Programme.
The National’s report on November 10 alluded to a statement from an Education Department official which outlined instances of misapplication of the K27m funding under the programme.
The programme’s field official, Eckermahn Ngalau, had reported that among other such cases, Karawari High School had not received a single toea of the K200,000 allocated to it.
However, the school board chairman said the money had been put to good use.
“We completed the extension of school mess building,  built a 96 bunk bed boys’ dormitory, got Chayll IT Company to install E-Library for the school, bought two Tuffa tanks, a double classroom was jacked up and a computer laboratory is now getting finishing touches from the K200,000 allocated to the school.”
He thanked the Education Department for making the money available under the Secondary School Quality Improvement Programme to remote schools like Karaweri.
Gunua also applauded Chuave district chief executive officer Markus Warip for ensuring the school projects were completed on time despite the wet weather conditions in the area.
“I also thank local MP Wera Mori for funding the school’s 25th annual Grade ten graduation last November 4, and funding some mess rations for the school,” Gunua said.
He said Mori supported the school with the extension of the mess and the construction dormitories for both boys and girls.
“I categorically deny the report that K200,000 from SSQIP was misused, the money was used for the intended purpose and I thank the Education Department. Expenditure reports will be made available in due course,” Gunua said.

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