All schools want to provide quality education, teacher says

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Every school in the country aims to provide quality education and to develop hard working and responsible students to become good citizens of this country.
Saint Ignatius Secondary School principal Hillary Suamba said during the school’s 47th Grade 10 graduation in Aitape, West Sepik, last Friday.
Suamba said it was not an easy task given the rate at which students were enrolled every year from primary schools in the rural areas and schools in towns.
“The education standard in the country is very low,” he said.
“The cut-off mark for distinctions used to be 40 and above out of 50, now it is in the 30s, credit cut-off mark used to be in the 30s, now it is in the 20s.
“Therefore, in Grade 11 selections, we do not go below four credits in core subjects such as English, math, science and social science.”
While congratulating the 125 Grade 10 graduating students, he challenged parents and guardians to discipline their children at home first before they sent them to school.
“It is a huge burden in educating and disciplining some of our children because they are used to many practices which are against school rules such as smoking, chewing betel nut, consumption of marijuana, alcohol, mobile phones, boy-girl relationship and so on,” he said.
Suamba said students were involved in such activities in their families, villages or communities.
“Parents, families, villages and communities must do their part in helping our school children to become better disciplined so that they become responsible citizens to follow school rules and contribute meaningfully to the development of our country.”

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